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Rented World

by The Menzingers

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released April 22, 2014

The Menzingers would like to thank: Our family and dear friends for their past, present, and future love and support as we make our way through this life. It has been an incredible journey and there is no way that we could have accomplished what we have or become the people that we are without them. The Barnett family, The Godino family, The Keen family, and The Mays. Tim Zahodski, Carl Severson, Scott Bell, Phil Battiato, Tom Taaffe, Dave March, Andy Clarke, Adam Kreeft, Jon Low, Matt Schimelfenig, Toby Jeg at Red Scare Industries, Katie Jeg, Matt Allison and Justin Yates at Atlas Studios, Kate Hiltz, Jess Flynn, Matt McGreevy, Jeff Abarta, Jon Burrescia, Karl Hensel, Chris Hayslett, Emmett Menke, Jesse Cannon, Bryan K. Christner, Scott Engel at Russo Music (Asbury Park, NJ), Christine Gillett, Christine Klement, Amanda Holevinski, Kate Schimelfenig, Tony Weinbender, Brendan Kelly, Craig Horky, Mr. Brett, Mike Lawrence at Asbury Lanes, Above Them, Against Me!, Andrew Seward, Andy Nelson, Anti-Flag, Apologies I Have None, Bayside, Beako, Brian Craig and Bill Orner down at The Bog (Scranton, PA), Broadway Calls, Bruno Guerreiro, Captain We’re Sinking!, Cayetana, Cheap Girls, Chris Moran, Colin and Leslie Lodwick, Danielle Dubois, Dead to Me, Elway, Evan Hughes, Fake Problems, Greg Ross, Hot Water Music, Christine Morales, Jeremy Meyers, Jon Murphy, Justin August, Keith Yosco, Kieran Kelly, La Dispute, Leagues Apart, Lee Corey Oswald, Luther, Modern Baseball, Off With Their Heads, Paint It Black, Pete Steinkopf, Phillip Larkin, Polar Bear Club, Propagandhi, R5 Productions, Restorations, Robert Kasel, Ryan O’Connor, Scumbag Petty, Sue Lucarelli, Sore Saints, Taking Back Sunday, The Arteries, The Bouncing Souls, The Flatliners, The Front Bottoms, The Guild (Philadelphia), The Holy Mess, The Lawrence Arms, The Sidekicks, Tigers Jaw, Tim Borror, Timeshares, Title Fight, Vanessa Burt at Mutiny PR, Alex Auxier at Orange Amps, Kazuma Tanabe at Fujigen Guitars, Matthew Farrar at Fender Guitars, Scott Paterson at Ampeg, Mike Bigel at Lag Acoustic Guitars, Craig Costigan at Seymour Duncan, Brian Larson at Gator Cases, Derek Brooks at Ernie Ball, Hugh Gilmartin at Promark & Evans, Chris Thatcher at Dark Horse Drums, Sarah Hagan at Zildjian,Tim Moore at Sennheiser, Lucas McCulley at Rapco Horizon, Mike Klein at TSVG Pedals.

The Menzingers are:
Tom May - Guitar, Vocals
Greg Barnett - Guitar, Vocals
Joe Godino - Drums
Eric Keen - Bass

All songs by The Menzingers
Jagaloon Jive (ASCAP)
Additional vocals and keyboards by Jonathan Low

Produced, engineered and mixed by Jonathan Low
at Miner Street Recordings, Philadelphia, PA
Assisted by Matt Schimelfenig
Mastered by Howie Weinberg

All photography by Jessica Flynn. @jflynnphoto
Design and layout by Eric Keen.

Web: | | @themenzingers



all rights reserved


The Menzingers Scranton, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore
Last friday night I wasn’t me,
I was a still life trapped in eternity,
I was the focal point out of focus,
out of ink, and I’ve been wandering nightly,
through the garden of your heartache,
always making a mess,
always stumbling out the door.

But I don’t wanna be an asshole anymore,
baby I’ll be good to you.

Another night I devoured the sun,
and plunged myself into the depths of oblivion,
somewhere along the way I found why it feels
damn good just to bleed sometimes,
but all I ever wanted was to make things right,
the years of idleness and spite,
have pushed my emotions off a bridge,
after taking them hostage with a shotgun,
now they’re somewhere treading water,
somewhere lost inside the man that I’m not.

I won’t lie no more, about where I’ve been,
and I won’t pry no more, over the people that
you’re hanging with, because you’re the only
lover that I’ve ever missed, ever been
hopelessly in love with, look at this tangle of
thorns, I don’t wanna be an asshole anymore.
Track Name: Bad Things
I’ve been dreaming that my teeth are falling out.
I’m driving, there’s no steering wheel,
no doors, I can’t see out.
Kicking and screaming on the motorway,
The radio static screams my name.

Water is coming up faster and faster;
I can’t move my arms; they’ve been casted in plaster.
Bleeding on the motorway
The radio static repeats my name.

Paranoid, I’m paranoid, I’m paranoid;
Where did this gun come from?

Don’t wait up for me my friend,
I’m planning to watch the world burn.
Don’t wait up for me my friend,
I’ve been planning to watch the world burn down.
All your friends are dead and gone.

I’ve been dreaming that our teeth are torn out.
I’m driving, there’s no steering wheel,
no doors, I can’t get out.
Metal and plastic on the motorway,
The radio static forgot our name.

I’m gonna do it;
I’m gonna do it this time, pull it this time.
Track Name: Rodent
I want to be more discrete,
I want them all to quit following me,
in the walls held captive lives a mouse,
I don’t have the guts to kick him out,
in the bars where I live, lives someone
who I would’ve hated when I was young.

When I swore life had a purpose,
when I was sure the whole thing’s worth it,
damn the days we took for granted,
never again will I let anyone close to me.
Me and the rodent in the wall,
have more in common after all.

So burn the fucker down,
I don’t care anymore I’ll let it all go,
because if this is what you want I understand,
good luck with the guilt left on your hands.

I’ve tried running, I’ve tried hiding,
I’ve tried everything but dying,
damn the days we took for granted,
never again will I let anyone close to me.

I have only bad news for you
Track Name: Where Your Heartache Exists
My girl she’s a good one,
she’s always on my mind,
she is a rose and I am a stone,
she’s always poking her head out
and striking a pose,
I’m always plucking her petals,
and some nights we fall out of love,
some nights I sleep in her arms,
some nights I sleep on the couch.

Well I spent that night in our past life,
wringing out the years from our shoes,
in the distance you lived with my signature
penned on a treaty that kept our armies at rest,
but I was a pushy little one,
when you tried to find someone new,
I just kind of waited around for you,
because what else was I suppose to do?

I know where you are heartache exists,
it’s when you are alone and when you’re around me.

I saw it in your face the day we parked your car
on the shoulder by the reservoir,
and in my mouth my words did hide
for fear of being recognized.
Track Name: My Friend Kyle
We were young kids.
We made a difference.
We survived those churches and hospitals.
Tall tales get taller, but they’ll never grow old.
Yours is a flame, it never goes out:
A guiding light in the storm for our sinking hearts.
Yours is the summer that will never end.

Sleep now, it’s only getting better, man.
Sleep now, it’s only getting better.

Some day we’ll all die; some people never live.
You lived the lives of a thousand men.
Living from your feet, never from your knees.
You are the wind, you are the sun now.
You are the light above, you are the air in our lungs.
You are the earth beneath our feet.

No don’t fade away, don’t fade away.
No don’t take him away, don’t take him away.

Sleep now, it’s only getting better, man.
Sleep now, it’s only getting better.

(No don’t take him away, don’t take him away)
Track Name: Transient Love
I used to lie to myself all the time,
I was always overreacting, screaming I’m gonna die,
but now I’m 5000 miles from her head on my shoulder,
from a night I spend sober, screaming I’m gonna die.

But all I ever wanted was to make things right.

Transient love, I was a ghost on your birthday,
I was a runaway, somewhere in a grave of mistake,
transient love, you should’ve seen the view from the pension,
it made me think of things we never mention,
the things we’re too afraid to say.

Like what if I spent the next few years,
just somewhere in some hemisphere,
while you’re at home with bills to pay,
I hope it doesn’t end this way.
Track Name: The Talk
Alright I’m OK, we did it your way.
I never loved you anyway.
You’ve got your problems,
That’s your problem.
I never loved you anyway.

Alright I’m OK, we did it your way.
I never loved you anyway.
You’ve got your problems,
Yeah, that’s your problem.
I never loved you anyway.

Your lips are poison,
Your heart is frozen,
You never loved me anyway.

I want my life back,
You turned my chest black,
I don’t owe you anything.

Got me strung out,
I’m sweating bullets.
I can’t sleep, I’m crawling out of my skin.
But I’ll be ok, I did it my way.
And I don’t owe you anything.

You’ve got no heart of gold.

Your aesthetic, you’re pathetic.
I’ll never owe you anything.
Hey pariah, you’re the liar,
And I don’t owe you anything.

I’m not like you.

You’ve got no heart of gold.

I’m not like you.

You’ve got no heart of gold.

We’ll chalk it up to “progress”.
Track Name: Nothing Feels Good Anymore
I am a tiny fly, buzzing around in a field,
somewhere in the overgrowth of your memory,
and at night you wander through, as the image of a former you, searching every nook and every cranny for the form that I am taking.

But “baby, baby I’m right here!”, I try to shout and scream and say, but my darling you just swat, you just swat me away, and in my greatest desperation, I dig deep into your skin, a little itch to keep the thought of me.
But nothing feels good anymore.

I’m at the party in a cloud of nicotine,
exhaled by drunk twenty-somethings,
there’s a couple arguing in the bathroom,
there’s a couple kids just trying to get high,
I try to make my way outside, ‘cause I’ve got to see you tonight, I start pacing then running.

"But baby, baby buzz me in!”, I ring your intercom and say, but you just poke your head through the curtain
and my hearts on the floor.

Like the dead cat in the alley, like the garbage overturned, like the uninviting orgy on top of some dog shit in the yard, I had a life, I thought I had it together,
I thought my house could never burn, but that was before.
Track Name: Hearts Unknown
Budding young philosophers sit down at the dinner table,
They all stand up to pay the bill but none of them are able.
The kids, they’re staring at their phones.
They’re calling it “communication”.
They’ve been to the desert, they’re part of the show;
But they don’t know what they don’t know.

Brilliant young philosophers are making your decisions,
A brother and sister come to blows over a broken television.
Now I’m staring at my phone, I’m not calling it communication.
I’ve been to the desert, I’m part of the show,
The things I know, the things I know.

Hearts unknown beat alone,
Who’s god will save your soul?

Your soul is long gone.

Hearts unknown beat alone,
Who’s god will save your soul?
Hearts unknown beat alone,
They don’t know rock and roll.
Track Name: In Remission
I’ve got a winning lotto ticket from the state of Massachusetts, tucked into the back of my wallet, I’ll cash it when I’m back in Boston, with a blank eye from the cashier, for why it’s torn and busted up.

I remember that moment of silence, I was at a mall in Norwich, shoppers stared at the ground, the escalators went on smoke breaks, oh 1918 you have yet to see the worst of humans acting.

Maybe the future’s just a little bit weird,
maybe the God you love is all I gotta fear,
life's a terminal illness in remission,
so I took the weight of it all out for a drink,
and then we drove back drunk through the busy city streets.

I hate how I always get nervous every time I try to speak, in front of a big crowd, a pretty girl, or the police, I hate the things that I know about you,
and all the horrible things that you do, I don’t wanna be late for war today, I wanna chew up my dinner and spit it in your face, tlight fire to your home, and tap your cell phone.

If everyone needs a crutch, then I need a wheelchair,
I need a reason to reason with you.
Track Name: Sentimental Physics
I heard a ghost whisper to a teacher,
He said, “We’re going off to war”.
I heard a ghost whisper to a preacher,
She said, “We’re gonna start a war”.
A newsman put a paper in my hand, telling me his truth.
Jesus and The Scientist will never reconcile this.

We’re pieces on, we’re pieces on the board.

When you’re lonely, you can find me.
When you’re feeling lost in a bidding war.
When you’re lonely, you can come find me,
When you’re feeling lost in a bidding war.

Guns and Lawyers, Gods and Aeroplanes,
Promises, white cloaks, white jackets.

I heard a ghost whisper to a teacher,
He said, “We’re gonna start a war”.
Track Name: When You Died
I was on my way to heaven when you died,
I was racing up the express lane, I was cheating HOV lanes,
I made it to the gate with record timing,
I quickly threw my hazards on, no bother finding parking,
I was on my way to heaven when you died.

I was dressed in all black and I hoped,
that nobody would notice me,
or the bolt cutters I was hiding,
underneath my oversized jacket,
I snuck around the back end
and broke you out when the Gods weren’t looking,
I was on my way to heaven when you died.

But then it was all over,
they got us surrounded,
they beat us with batons,
cuffed us and threw us in the car,
when I wake up I want to talk to a lawyer,
I demand a fair and speedy trial.

Where do people go when they die?
How do you keep them alive?
How do you make sure that something like this
won’t ever happen again?
Not to any other friends.

How could a perfect human run out of luck,
when there’s just so many horrible people screaming “jackpot!”, I cannot help but fear the things I can’t control,
the things I’ll never know.